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Power Over Panic
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Anxiety Panic Hub Book Store - Power Over Panic


The Australian best seller

Power Over Panic - Third Edition

by Bronwyn Fox


Third Edition - Penguin Books published March 2010
Australian Best Seller
275 pages
Based on Bronwyn's Award Winning Programs and Workshops
Features a Mindfulness based cognitive technique






Power over Panic 3rd Edition provides a practical approach to understanding and overcoming anxiety disorders. At the core of the book is a drug free, simple and creative five step method based on meditation and a mindfulness cognitive technique.

Bronwyn was the first person in Australia to teach mindfulness to people with an anxiety disorder. Mindfulness is now one of the leading cognitive techniques taught, not just in Australia, but also internationally.

Based upon Bronwyn's award winning programs and workshops, Power over Panic 3rd Edition, explores self esteem issues and the reasons why people struggle to recover. It has been significantly expanded to include coverage of unique early intervention strategies to prevent the development of anxiety disorders.

The book's forward has been written by well known Australian actor Garry McDonald who suffered panic and anxiety disorder for twenty years.

This new edition has been updated and includes new chapters on early intervention strategies, self esteem and the effect low self esteem has in the overall process of recovery.

ISBN 978-0-670-07425-9  Penguin Books Australia


"Thank you, thank you, thank you !! Not only do you really understand, you describe everything that has happened to me. It has given me such great comfort."

"I've read so many books, but yours is different. No one else talks about derealisation and depersonalisation like you do. Now I finally understand what's happening to me. Thank you so much."

"I've just read your book and I wanted you to know that you have helped me more than you can imagine."

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