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Power Over Panic

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Power Over Panic
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Anxiety Panic Hub Book Store

Anxiety Panic Hub Book Store - Power Over Panic

The Australian best seller

Third Edition

by Bronwyn Fox


Power Over Panic Table of Contents
Forward with Garry McDonald Introduction by Bronwyn Fox  
Part One: Understanding panic attacks and anxiety
Chapter One: What is happening to me?
Panic attacks What if? Case Histories
Case Histories    
Chapter Two: Panic Attacks
Case Histories Spontaneous panic attacks Specific panic attacks
Situational predisposed panic attacks    
Chapter Three: Anxiety Disorders
Understanding Causes
Case Histories Panic Disorder Social Phobia
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Case Histories Combinations Case Histories
Chapter Four: Secondary Conditions
Overview Agoraphobia Case Histories
Case Histories Avoidance behaviour as a defence Anticipatory anxiety
What if? Feeling unwell Family Members
Depression Alcohol Case Histories
Self Absorption The need to be in control  
Chapter Five: Understanding our Symptoms
Diagnosis Symptoms Fight and Flight Response
Hyperventilation Muscle Tension Case Histories
Dissociation The ability to dissociate Nocturnal Panic Attacks
Sensory Shocks ‘Merely normal emotions’ Effects
Inability to concentrate Sleeping Difficulties Loss of feelings and loss of libido
Fatigue Appetite problems New Symptoms
Overlapping Symptoms Symptom Check List Dissociative symptoms
Symptoms that may accompany dissociation Major fears  
Chapter Six: Therapies
The need to be perfect Case Histories Mindfulness and other cognitive techniques
Mindfulness as a cognitive technique Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Graded Exposure
Medication Tranquillisers Withdrawal
Antidepressants Withdrawal / Discontinuation reactions Case Histories
Medication Check List Case Histories Psychotherapy
Hypnotherapy Other therapies An Overview
Part Two Prelude to recovery
Chapter Seven: Simply not me
All things to all people Self esteem Case Histories
The ‘onion’ The created self Our emotions
Chapter Eight: Skilful Compassionate Action
The conflict Compassion Self acceptance
Accepting our disorder Stages of acceptance First stage
Second stage Third stage Self Responsibility