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The Best Selling book 'Power Over Panic'

Third Edition

Power Over Panic Best Selling Book

by Bronwyn Fox

Take Back the Power

A Double CD set featuring Meditation and Mindfulness

Taking Back the Power Double CD set

with Bronwyn Fox

Award Winning Panic Anxiety Management Workshop Double DVD set

Panic Anxiety Management Workshop Double DVD set

with Bronwyn Fox

Take Back the Power!
Being angry can be healthy and can assist us in letting go of the pain and hurt we feel. When our anger and saddness are not expressed they can convert into anxiety and depression.
Bronwyn Fox

Bronwyn is the author of the best selling Book, 'Power Over Panic'. The book is now in its 3rd edition.

Bronwyn had panic disorder /agoraphobia for five years and she was housebound for over 2 years. She recovered using Meditation and Mindfulness as a cognitive technique.

Bronwyn has extensive experience working with people with an anxiety disorder and has been counselling for over twenty years.

About Bronwyn

Bronwyn is the main author of this website.

Bronwyn was a co-founder of the Panic Anxiety Disorder Association Inc (PADA) and was its CEO for ten years.

Assisted in the establishment of the Panic Anxiety Disorders Association in Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory and the Anxiety Disorders Foundation of Australia in New South Wales and Northern Territory.

Program and workshop facilitator.

Bronwyn's Programs and Workshops won an Australian and New Zealand Mental Health silver award after an extensive study by Associate Professor Julian Hafner of the South Australian Health Dept, Mental Health Services. See An evaluation

International educator to people with anxiety disorders

Former Deputy Chair of the Anxiety Disorders Foundation of Australia Inc.

Former National Advocate for people with anxiety disorders

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