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Many of the various therapies we try are more reactive than pro-active. Many of them inadvertently support and keep us in a passive role, rather than actively involving us in the recovery process. Without this involvement we do not gain confidence in our selves and our ability to recover.

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Anxiety Coach This is a great self help guide for people who have anxiety disorders and phobias, including the fear of flying

Facts for Health Comprehensive resource to help identify, understand and treat Social Anxiety Disorder and Post traumatic Stress Disorder

Healthlinks directory is the largest comprehensive online directory available specifically for the use of healthcare consumers and professionals on the Internet.

Mental Health Net A great site that provides general information on Anxiety Disorders an online support section and general resources.

National Anxiety Foundation This site provides some useful information to help individuals determine if they are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Recovery Resources Online This site is working towards building the largest Recovery Resource Link Directory in the world, including links to other anxiety disorder sites, in the hope that the more information that is available, the greater the number of people will receive help