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Q. How can I recover? A. Learn to become proactive rather than reactive to your symptoms and fears. Accept the diagnosis. Accept that having an anxiety disorder is not a reflection on you or your abilities

Frequently Asked Questions - Quick Links

We have listed some of our most frequently asked questions including where relevant, links to our web site

FAQs Page One

Urgent Assistance
Can you give/email/post me information on panic and anxiety?
I need information for a project/essay/assignment
Do you run online support groups / chat rooms ?
Is this panic and anxiety?
I have just had my first panic attack, what can I do?
What is the cause of an anxiety disorder?
What is depersonalisation and derealisation?
Why can't I recover?

FAQs Page Two

How does meditation help in recovery?
What is 'a mindfulness based cognitive technique'
Can you tell me how I can learn meditation and mindfulness?
I use a visualisation technique. Is this the same as meditation?
How does telephone counselling work?
Can you tell me more about cognitive behavioural therapy?
Where can I find a cognitive behavioural therapist?
What can I do to help my child with their anxiety?

FAQs Medication 

What is the best medication for me to take ?
Are tranquillisers addictive? 
Can you experience withdrawal effects from antidepressants?
Is it safe to take medication during pregnancy?
Do antidepressants cause weight gain?
Can antidepressants cause a loss of libido / sex drive?
Are herbal medications effective for panic / anxiety?
Can I use cold and flu tablets while taking antidepressants?





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