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Q. How can I recover? A. Learn to become proactive rather than reactive to your symptoms and fears. Accept the diagnosis. Accept that having an anxiety disorder is not a reflection on you or your abilities
General Questions & Answers

CBT vs. Graded Exposure?

Can stress cause panic attacks and anxiety?

Does caffeine plays any role in panic attacks?

Has my doctor made a mistake in my diagnosis?

How long does a panic attack last?

I get so angry at myself for having an anxiety disorder.

How can I stop night time panic attacks?

How long does recovery take?

I can't sleep. What can I do?

Is there a hormonal link to my panic and anxiety?

What is wrong with positive thinking?

Why do I need to see a psychiatrist/psychologist?

Why do set backs happen?

What is the difference between fear and anxiety?

How can I recover?
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