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Many of the various therapies we try are more reactive than pro-active. Many of them inadvertently support and keep us in a passive role, rather than actively involving us in the recovery process. Without this involvement we do not gain confidence in our selves and our ability to recover.

Self Help

In this section we include three articles about recovery, including an article that details the most common reasons why people struggle to recover. We have also included links to other areas of our website that also focus on recovery and self help including meditation and mindfulness as a cognitive technique.

There a number of reasons why people can find it difficult to recover.

This article discusses the development of the personal skills needed for the journey to recovery.

Recovery is an evolving process. The key is to understand and work with this process

International Telephone counselling with Bronwyn Fox, author of the best selling book, 'Power Over Panic.'

Meditation and the role it plays in the recovery process.

Mindfulness as a cognitive technique and its role in recovery.


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